Who? Them?

It’s my last year in college. My last chance to prove that I did well with different people. Of course, I hung out with a lot of different people in college. But there’s a group of awesome individuals that I kept myself in tact with. I know. I don’t have to live my life being … Continue reading


We all have a bunch of special people we meet in life, right? As for me, I’ve met them a long time ago. Since 5th grade, I guess. Me and them, we’ve been through thick and thin, through sober and wasted nights. Yes, we’re a good pack and we’d like to stay that way. Jao speaking … Continue reading

What I do with problems.

What I do with problems.

People worry too much and I’m here thinking that the more you think about it, the more you’re making it too difficult to solve. I know that some issues are easy to get over with while others may take a little too much for our brains to solve. As for me, I let time heal things first, then and only then I’ll be making my move. Just like the people in the office always tell me, don’t let the problem get to you, only you can drive the problem out of your way.

If you have a problem, let it savor itself while it lasts because when the time comes, you’ll figure out something. By then, you’ll know that you’ve become a better person, someone who can’t be shaken by little and stupid issues. So what is it really that I’m trying to point? I say do your thing, let the problems roll, face them, be patient with them but never ditch them because the moment you turn your back on them, it’s failure for you and success for the people who’re underestimating you. Keep the good vibes up, aight?

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To be honest?

To be honest? I feel like I don’t need the people I’m with right now. I’ll be taking on a new road a couple of months from now and I don’t want them with me as I take another step into another world. I wanna keep them safe and steady in my past like all … Continue reading

Love is Patience as it is Jealousy.

Love is waiting as it is overthinking about what’s happening on the other line. I’ve had too many days thinking of what she may be doing, who she’s with and why she’s like that. Clearly, I get too concerned if whether we’ll meet or not… accidentally. I’m testing myself as to how far I can … Continue reading